Are Dogs Welcome at Cool Cabin?

We do allow dogs - find out more below

Dogs at Cool Cabin

Are dogs accepted at Cool Cabin? This depends…

Usually, we only allow one small dog. Although two small dogs may be permitted if there’s only a small party of people (e.g. two adults).

No powerful dogs are accepted at Cool Cabin due to the wooden floors in the property. This is because the flooring can be scratched by big paws!

Dogs aren’t allowed on the sofa or beds inside any of the accommodation and aren’t to stay in the property on their own. Please don’t leave them unattended – take them with you if you go out.

Any dogs must be booked in before arrival.

See below for the extra cost to bring your dog.


If you have any queries regarding bringing dogs then please don’t hesitate to phone Mark and discuss your requirements.

Cost of bringing dogs

There is an additional cost if you bring a dog or dogs.

Short break: £75 – £100 per dog (depending on the size, breed etc.).

Full week: £100 – £150 per dog (depending on the size, breed etc.).

Again, its always advisable to call Mark about dogs before booking:
Tel: 01538 381819  Mob: 07979 960852 

Please make sure that you read the full Terms & Conditions too.

The Lake

Remember that there’s a lake in front of Water’s Edge. Your dog may well take a swim then come inside and shake off, leaving a mess that will need to be cleaned up.

Please bring a dog bed and towels with you to dry off your dog if he or she has been in the water. Ideally, dry off your dog outside.

Hygiene and cleanliness

It may sound picky, but some guests don’t like coming to a property that has had a pet in it because of allergies etc. and so we can’t be too careful. We have to keep to very high standards of hygiene and cleanliness. We clean the accommodation thoroughly between stays, but you can help us maintain those high standards.

Please bear all of this in mind and vacuum up your pet’s hair. The cabin has wooden floors to make it easier to clean. Leave the accommodation as you’d expect to find it.

I am a dog lover, but I hate cleaning up after other people’s dogs (as most people do). Always clean any dog mess from the garden before you leave Water’s Edge. Please bag it up and dispose of it responsibly.


Please note that if your dog does any damage you are responsible for the cost of putting things right.

No damages? Your £100 deposit will be returned to you on your departure.

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