Contract & Terms and Conditions

These are the Terms & Conditions & Contract of Hire for Cool Cabin

Full Terms & Conditions & Contract of Hire of Cool Cabin

These are the Terms & Conditions & Contract of Hire for Cool Cabins. All guests must comply, so please make sure that you’ve read them before booking your stay.

Please read the Terms & Conditions & Contract of Hire of Cool Cabin below:

  • Please leave the cabin in the clean & tidy state you found it on your arrival. However, if there are any problems with the cabin when you arrive, please call Mark on 07979 960 852 as soon as possible. We will rectify any issues.
  • Please clean the barbeque if you have used it, and tidy up the outdoor area.
  • We want you to be warm and cosy, but please save energy and be careful with your use of electricity and gas. Switch off all lights at night etc. or when no-one is in.
  • Please do not leave the windows or doors open when the heating is on.
  • Use the showers and hot tub by all means but please try and conserve water by not wasting it
  • Please notify us if you have any guests joining you that are not included on the original booking. They will need to sign a disclaimer/safety form if using the hot tub or boating equipment for insurance purposes.
  • Have consideration for the local residents, and other guests in neighbouring properties
  • If you go out onto the Lake, please be considerate of other users, such as the Sailing Club
  • Be mindful of and have consideration for the Lake’s wildlife


Please note that a £100 returnable deposit is required for the hot tub and a £50 deposit for the boats ( to cover potential losses of paddles/ damage e.t.c) Deposit is only acceptable in CASH. Use of the equipment is not allowed until a deposit is paid.

All damages must be paid for. Any malicious damage will be reported to the police.


If you want to have the cabin cleaned mid-week or mid-holiday then please let us know and we will try to arrange additional cleaning for you by our cleaner. This is at a rate of £9 per hour (minimum 2 hours).

Please inform Mark of any damages you have incurred during your holiday.

Young Parties coming to Cool Cabin

If you are a party without a designated adult then you must be aware of the conditions of hire (e.g. requirement of a deposit). Is your party is made up of individuals who are all under 25 and there are more than two of you? You must call Mark on 07979 960 852 to arrange the booking. One person must take responsibility for the whole party. Its very important that you leave the property as you found it. If you don’t do this you’re at risk of not having your deposit returned. Cool Cabin may also bar you from booking a repeat holiday with us.

Use of illicit substances is not allowed. Any illegal activity, or on discovering any paraphernalia, will be reported to the police and you will be asked to leave immediately with no return of your deposit.

You must not consume alcohol on the boats and noise must be kept to a reasonable level. Please keep music levels to a respectful level and make sure all music is off by 11:00 pm.

Please ensure that you have read and fully understand the Terms & Conditions & Contract of Hire of Cool Cabin before you book.

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